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To men who prefer to make her chase you instead...

It is wrong to flip the switch around?

  • If you are struggling with women, then this information is for you.
  • If you are approaching your 30s and still struggling to get a girlfriend, then this page will tell you why. 
  • If you think you do not know what to say to women to make them attracted to you, then this page will uncover something more important to you instead of what to say.
  • If you want to be natural around women without exploiting sleazy tactics, then read towards the end and I will show you how.

Listen, I believe all men are attractive to women. It’s how nature intended it to be...

The only problem is, the bad habits you picked up while growing up.

I used Starcraft to cope with loneliness 

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Hey, my name is Malcom. I was not born a natural. I did not have my first girlfriend until I was in my early 20s. I was shy and socially awkward around girls my age. 

I did not know what to say around them, in fact, I was mostly quiet.

Every day, I buried myself in Starcraft (yes the game) and by the time I got out of the house to socialise, I didn’t really have anything to say that a 22-year-old girl would want to hear.

In fact, because I was always thinking about Starcraft, I didn’t have much in common with anyone, since no one really wanted to talk about what I was passionate about. 

Anyways I got so good that I became a professional gamer. I even represented Singapore. 

I thought I was popular, maybe that will get me some action, nope, my dating life still felt like dry barren land.

Overthinking around women

You see, I wasted years obsessing over classmates, co-workers and girls in my social circle that I was interested in…I was constantly at home planning how I will make my move in some cool way that always never happen.

Mentally visualising multiple scenarios of how the interaction will turn out...how life will be like if she finally becomes my girlfriend...

Or...sitting around with my friends pathetically analysing every single word she said to me during the day. 

"Bro, today she smiled at me while I walked passed her, is she interested?"

Well, this happens for a couple of times, but most of the time it ends up with me saying to her some version of "I liked you". 

Or it can be me sending her a text message along the line of "I think you are cute, not sure if you felt the same".

Have you ever confessed to a girl?

Have you ever done that too?

Well…that's what the TV is showing us. Confess to the girl you like. She will see you as her knight in shining armour. Swept off her feet and said “YES!”. 

Except…that’s not how it happened in real life.

Most of the time the girl will smile and say something really courteous, like “you are really nice". Because she does not want to hurt your feelings. I even once had a girl that thought it was a prank.

Anyways, I interpreted it as a positive sign. Well, she smiled at me right? She did not say no or reject me.

Usually, in the next few weeks, most of them start to avoid me. Then when I text them, they will tell me they are...

“Really not looking for a relationship now...” 

“I don’t feel that way, why not we continue to be friends?”

For my entire life, I had gotten some version of that excuse from girls I deemed girlfriend material. 

What about you? Maybe you are luckier than me.

Here I was, making my self better, hitting the gym, buying new clothes, I even got my eyebrows trimmed and yet I still cannot seem to get her attention.

And then, out of the blue, she started dressing up sexy and texting a lot on her phone. 

She had met someone. She got into a relationship. 

Well, I dunno what but it just didn’t seem fair.

Will being rich get me women?

Finally, I grew up. Meaning I realised it was not worth my time and energy and just decided to focus on my work instead. 

Well, maybe someday when I am rich or famous, girls will start to notice me and like me. 

She will finally choose me.

I did that. But I cannot seem to shake off this feeling like, "Something is wrong with me”. 

​Am I giving out an unattractive aura that immediately turns women off? 

And, it also felt like I am sacrificing my love life during my prime years, dangerously wasted away for work.

This is when something strange happened...

I was watching a documentary on National Geographic on animal mating.

Now pass whatever judgment you want, I don’t care :P.

I am not sure why I was watching that, maybe YouTube took pity on my lack of success and wanted to console me with animal mating (ANYWAYS… IT JUST SEEMED INTERESTING...LETS MOVE ON).

So that is when I realise most animals have a mating dance. The most common example is:

  • How a peacock will spread its feathers to attract a mate...
  • How a rooster will stamp their feet to attract a hen...
  • Or how flamingos will stretch their necks and flips their head back and forth...

Anyways, this got me thinking. 

What if there is a similar mating dance for humans as well? 

This question fuelled me. It was as if a small fire was lit inside. 

You see, I was broke, single, nerdy and lonely. The one thing I had going for me was time. 

I decided to devote my time to uncover this mating dance.

Pickup artists can be so dodgy

This is where I chanced upon the pickup community. Groups of men out there figuring out how to get good with women. I devoured everything. 

Most people teaching this are from the US. They are western guys teaching pick up. I am not sure if it will work for Singapore, but that is all I have.

So I did put some of the techniques into action. Some of them worked, some of them felt weird and some of them bombed.

I was getting mixed results. It’s good when I was following the “script”. But when I started to “be myself”, women will find out I am a fake and lose attraction for me.

However, something interesting happened. The more real-life practice I have, the more I am starting to see “patterns”. Patterns of attractive behaviour that flips attraction switches in women.

Could this be the human mating dance I was looking for?

Well, I wanted to know. I need to uncover this. So I structure my life like a big science experiment. 

I would go out, try something and see if it works. 

Then I will come home, record what happened on the day, review my mistakes and learn anything that worked well. 

I did this for 4 years. It’s an emotional and psychological roller coaster. Until...I think...I finally cracked it. 

Well, there isn’t a single event that leads me to this conclusion, more like, I tried so many things until I started noticing a pattern. Noticing what women really want.

Now. Come closer. Listen.

There is a mating dance for humans too.

There is a mating dance for humans. But it is more, shall I say, complicated, because humans are complicated creatures. But once you apply this, she will categorise you into the "flirt zone" instead of the "friend zone". 

This is hardwired into the female's brain. It is evolutionary in nature. 

When you know this, you will be able to hack the process. Bypass the formalities and social norms. Dive right into her biological, animal brain with the intensity and emotions that no girl can resist.

Just like how we are attracted to a girl who is fit vs fat, or girls who have, more assets in the chest department, the same is true for female as well. They are attracted to guys who know the mating dance and how it was played.

The beauty of this is, it's all happening unconsciously. 

Think about this for a moment, who ever taught you to be attracted to a girl with a pretty face vs one who is not so pretty.

You just know….Right? 

You are just attracted to the pretty face. The same is true for women as well. The only difference is, what criteria men deemed important is very different from what women deemed important.

Listen. Now, this is where it starts to get interesting. You see, when you play the mating dance right.

It works both ways too, it will draw her to you, it will make her chase you.

But if you played it wrong, you will repeal her, just like how you are repealed by a woman who is not so pretty.

This led me to some CRAZY adventures.

I could walk up to any women on a street, make an instant connection and make them feel attracted to me. 

These usually lead to an exchange of a phone number, an instant date, or ahem…you get my point.

Most importantly, these gave me choices. You see, I am learning this because I want to meet the best women and ultimately form a lifelong relationship with one.

Not sure about your goals, I don't judge, my only hope is you use what I am teaching ethically because it can do some serious damage to a girl.

You need to be you, minus bad habits, to attract women.

Now what I will teach you, works without changing your personality, act like an asshole or pretending to be someone you are not. 

There are specific attractions switches you need to turn on in women to make them attracted to you. 

This is hardwired into the female's brain. It is evolutionary in nature. 

Just like how men are instantly attracted to females with a pretty face. 

So...the reason why you are not getting girls right now is NOT because:

  • You have no dating experience.
  • Your race that you think women don’t find attractive.
  • You are too old.
  • You are too young.
  • You are balding.
  • You are a virgin.
  • Your accent.
  • You are short.
  • You are very overweight.
  • You are skinny.
  • You have no abs…

The REAL reason why you are not getting girls.

The reason you are not getting girls is because you do not know the human mating dance. 

This is exactly what I will be covering in the upcoming masterclass. Now...I am inviting you to learn this and get this area of your life handled. 

What you will learn here is not known to a least 80% of the men in Singapore. In this masterclass, you will learn...

  • My actionable steps to become more sociable so that you never run out of things to say to women.
  • How to be charismatic. Unconsciously activate the "emotional" centre of her mind, trigger an uncontrollable attractive pull towards you.
  • The art of conversation and rapport to manifest deep emotional attraction inside her.
  • Steal my foolproof guide to create natural long-lasting transformation in your personal, dating and sex life. You do not need to be someone you are not to attract the women you want.
  • Discover how women think and react to them at a deep emotional level to create genuine connections.
  • Finally understand what women want and use this knowledge to elevate your dating life.
  • Actual life in-field video footage of how to meet women on the streets of Singapore. Watch how I approach, open and make an instant connection with hot random strangers on the street. Glimpse into my life now and shatter your beliefs on what is possible once you know how this is done.
  • Real life in-field video example where I break down how I approach, open and attract a cute random stranger off the streets of Singapore. Learn how you can do the same for yourself by using a set of powerful techniques and principles.
  • How to approach and meet hot random strangers on the street. The exact angle you need to position your body for maximum effectiveness. The exact distance you need to be when you are talking to her, too close and you will creep her out, too far and it will signal to her you are not confident.
  • Ask any specific questions on roadblocks you have with women, dating and relationships. I have personally coached hundreds of men in Singapore. Pick my brain. I will personally address any question you have with women and provide actionable advice tailored to your specific needs.
  • What to say to women after the opener. How to have endless conversations, know exactly what to say and never run out of things to say.
  • When to ask for her number. Learn the actual unconscious behavioural cue she is projecting, screaming for you, to ask her number now. Missed this cue and you missed your chances.
  • How to ask for her number in a non-creepy way. Learn my sneaky low-risk technique to pass your phone to her and let her enter her number naturally.
  • How to act after she had given you her number. Most men do this wrong and it instantly decreases her attraction towards the guy.
  • What to do immediately after you had got her number and said goodbye. Doing this one thing immediately will drastically increase your chance for a future date.
  • Actual messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram texting scripts of how I banter with and sexually escalate the interaction with women. How women are asking me out on a date, to meet them, instead of the other way around. Take these scripts and apply them for yourself.
  • Feedback and insights into my thought process for the different dating scenarios. Real case studies from approaching women on the streets, getting her number, what to say to her, how to get her out on a date through text, what to do on the date and how to escalate and control sexual tension. These are the subtle things I learnt throughout the years. These are things I wish someone will show me when I am just getting started. Now you can shortcut this process and start applying them to your life.
  • …and much more.

Success Stories From Singaporean Men

Not sure if this works? Now, let's look at what some of my past students have to say. I have helped hundreds of Singaporean men improve their romantic and social lives.

Wee Kiat - Self-Employed (32)

I was initially skeptical about the instructors because they were younger than me. But all my doubts vanished when I saw the in-field demonstrations by them. Seeing really is believing and from then on I decided to put 100% effort into learning from them.

I practiced all the skills and techniques I learnt without fail and started to see improvement and results. 

My girlfriend and I have been together for almost 10months now all thanks to the guidance of Malcom and his team, I still keep in contact with them to get relationship advice and I’m really thankful for all their help. Social Skydiving was the best thing that could have happened for my personal life!

Xiang Yu - Sales Executive (24)

I like that what I learned is specially for being in Singapore as other stuff I read online are always for other country. After I learn how to make nice conversations with girls and attract them, talking with my female colleagues and female friends become so much easy. 

By using all the things I learn I manage to meet my new girlfriend during a company training event by talking with her and getting her number. We went on many many dates which i planned with the help of Malcom before she become my girlfriend. 

I am happy I found Social Skydiving or i will never be able to get my current girlfriend!

Think about what life will be like if you get this handled?

You will have choices in women. Get the girl you want. Most importantly, have social confidence to attract the women you want any time and anywhere. 

You do not need to rely on Tinder, speed dating or arranged dating events anymore if you choose not to. You will have the skillset to meet women anywhere.

The struggle is painful and frustrating

I had it for a good part of my life. Why not shortcut this process? In fact, when I just started, I would have jumped at any chance for someone to show me how this is done. 

Someone born and bred in Singapore, showing me how this is done locally. 

Now, how do you put a price on something so important? How much will you invest to become naturally attractive to women?

Well, I have clients paying me $200 for just an hour of my time. 

But I am not going to let you pay that. Nope, not even $100. 

Why? I am doing this because I want to make a change that helps good men like you. 

Men who had been sidestepped by women. You deserve the best women and I hope to play a part in your journey. 

Well, you can lock in your slot for the upcoming live masterclass on the 29th Aug for a low price of just 17 dollars.

Yep...you heard it. Just 17 dollars. This cost less than a dinner date. But so much more important than just a dinner date, don't you agree?

But do so quickly. There is a limit to the number of open slots available in the live master class.

Once it’s gone, it will be a long time before I will hold another masterclass…if ever. 

There are only limited slots left. 

Lock in your slot now. If there is someone in your life right now that you are really interested in, the longer you wait, the more you are going into this FRIEND ZONE.

Oh, by the way, you do not need to pay me now, you can pay me on the day of the class. This price is for me to cover the room booking cost and also it is a psychological investment on your part. 

You have taken action. Today you have done something to get this area of your life handled. You have walked up to the doors of the open plane, took a step forward, ready to jump. Ready for social skydiving.

This class will be conducted on the 29th Aug at 7 pm in a private location in Orchard. Since it is a closed door, for your eyes only event. We will only reveal the specific location of this class to attendees who manage to lock in a slot.

More Success Stories From Singaporean Men

Nicholas - Student (​​​​21)

I have many female friends and I have no problem talking to girls but whenever I’m around a girl that’s super hot and I’m interested in, I tend to freeze up and get awkward. Malcom’s wing girls really helped me a lot with being comfortable around hot girls, talking and being around them made me see hot girls are also normal human beings and treating them like normal people is better than trying to impress them all the time. 

I have been on countless dates with many attractive girls with the help of all the techniques and strategies I learnt from Social Skydiving. I really believe the work Malcom and his team is doing after seeing how they change lives, it’s my dream to become a dating coach and join the Social Skydiving team one day.

Ryan - Marketing Professional (25)

Before I started my journey with Social Skydiving, I had been concentrating on my career and had no dating life for a long time. I always thought that sooner or later the right girl will appear in my life. I waited for her to appear for many years and I felt that I needed to do something or I will just keep waiting. 

I was shocked at the live in-field demonstrations by Malcom and it made me question what was really possible. I didn’t know dating coach existed much less believe it can be done in Singapore as most girls won’t even talk to strangers, much less flirt and get physical with someone they just met. Although we were advised to have our own conversation style that is unique to our own personality, I copied his style and got interest from some girls that I approached immediately! I had many interactions, gradually improving each time under the close guidance of Malcom. I like that he walks the talk and shows it to me instead of just talking about it. 

After seeing at how it’s done in real life, it is so much easier to learn and understand how approaching women works. I started dating a few girls I met through my new skills and soon chose the perfect girl for me. Without going through Social Skydiving I definitely won’t be able to get to where I am today. I didn’t expect to be the one choosing which girl is the most suitable for me as usually it is the girl that chooses the guy. The instructors and wing girls at Social Skydiving really genuinely wish to help me learn all the skills I needed to connect with women and i’m very thankful for their help.

Stop fantasising and take the first step! 

There are only limited slots left. 

What is theirs could soon be yours! Stop fantasising about the girl you want - take the first step to turn the girl of your dreams into the girl of your reality!

Lock in your slot now. You do not need to pay me now, just signal your interest in attending this masterclass. There is a limit to the number of open slots available. 

Once it’s gone, it will be a long time before I will hold another masterclass…if ever. 

This class will be conducted on the 29th Aug at 7 pm in a private location in Orchard. Since it is a closed door, for your eyes only event. 

We will only reveal the specific location of this class to attendees who manage to lock in their slots.

There are only limited slots left. 


Who is Malcom?

Why are you doing this?

Who usually attends?

Attend The SocialSkydiving SG Masterclass 

Take the first step to attract any girl you want. Save your seat for the next upcoming Social Skydiving Masterclass to unlock the techniques top SG men use to make any girl fall in love.

This class will be conducted on the 29th Aug at 7 pm in a private location in Orchard. Since it is a closed door, for your eyes only event. We will only reveal the specific location of this class to attendees who manage to lock in their slots.

There are only limited slots left. 

Lock in your slot now. You do not need to pay me now, just signal your interest in attending this masterclass. There is a limit to the number of open slots available. Once it’s gone, it will be a long time before I will hold another masterclass…if ever.